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Sunday July 27, 2014
     St. George's Windsor - arr by J. Cavicchio
     PB 54 - Lord Be Glorified
     Hymn # 305  Jesus, Our Divine Companion
     Anthem  Precious Lord, Take My Hand
     Hymn # 377  You Have Come to the Lakeshore
     Offering PB 56 Cares Chorus
     Hymn # 477  Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim
     Postlude  PB 142  Sing to the King  (Instruments only)

Note to Praise Band
     Guitars and drums will be used on 
          "Lord be Glorified;"
          "Precious Lord, Take My Hand;"
          "You Have Come to the Lakeshore;" 
          "Cares Chorus;"
          "Sing to the King"


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